7 Brilliant Cars Essay Topics To Impress Your Teacher

Do you love everything about automobiles? If your answer is “yes”, then you won’t find it challenging to write an essay on cars. The only difficulty you may face is about choosing one specific topic from the great variety.

If you don’t know what to write about, check the following seven ideas. You can be sure that any of these cars essay topics will make a good impression on your teacher.

Expository car essay topics

Writing an expository essay, you should focus on facts, statistics, and examples. Your task is to conduct an in-depth analysis of the topic and present your findings, without revealing your emotions or personal subjective opinion.

History of the automotive industry

You may write an essay, which tells who, when and how invented the first vehicle. Also, you may explain how the technical characteristics of the cars have been changing over time.

The story behind the famous car brand

Every car brand has a great story, so you can easily find a fascinating topic to discuss. You can dedicate your essay to Henry Ford, who designed and manufactured the first car affordable for middle-class Americans. Or you can write about the Ferrari brand, which was founded as a racing team, but later became a world-famous luxury car company.

Argumentative car essay topics

If you are going to write an argumentative essay, you should research a chosen topic in more details and collect some empirical data. Your primary task is to analyze a few different points of view and choose your personal position. You should support your ideas with clear evidence and facts.

Pollution caused by cars and electro cars

A CO2 emission from vehicles is a serious environmental problem, so it’s definitely is worth discussion. You can conduct research to find out what measures government and car companies currently take to reduce CO2 emission. You may go the extra mile and analyze whether manufactures, who label themselves as “green”, do their best to prevent global warming.

Cars in the future

Choosing this topic, you may discuss what kind of cars people will use in 10 or 100 years. You should analyze the current state of automotive industry development and try to understand whether self-driving and flying vehicles will flood the market in the nearest future. Also, you should state your point of view regarding the safety and environment-friendliness of brand new cars.

Car accidents

Motor vehicle traffic crashes is one of the leading cause of death among young adults. And if you are going to write an essay on cars, you may cover this topic.

You may discuss the attitudes about drunk and/or distracted driving in college students. In case if you need empirical data, you may run a survey among your peers. Writing a conclusion, you should express your opinion regarding the effectiveness of the existing state traffic laws.

Narrative essay

If you have got a task to write a narrative essay on cars, you should be ready to share your real-life experience. You should try your best to craft a story, which will engage readers.

Describing objects, sounds, smells, and textures you should choose the right words to make your story as vivid as possible. At the end of your essay, you should draw a solid conclusion and clearly state your ideas. If this task is challenging for you, you can use Get Academic Help service.

First driving experience

You may write a narrative essay about your first driving lesson or independent trip. You should try to express all the emotions you experienced: fear, happiness, sadness, excitement, shock, confusion, etc. If you craft a fascinating story, you will not leave your teacher indifferent.

Car of your dreams

If you are a dreamer, your narrative essay may be about a car you want to own in the future. Do your best to describe the specific features, which make this vehicle so unique, precious, and desired.

Also, it would be great to point out the steps you are going to take to achieve your dream. Maybe you will start working on weekends. Or will study harder to come up with a brilliant business idea, which will make you a billionaire.

In conclusion

If you love cars, you will find it easy to craft an expository, argumentative or narrative essay. There are so many exciting topics to discuss, and you can choose any, which you like the most. Write your heart out, and you will impress your school teacher.

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